karma karma


i wont be 100 grammatically correct
i wont follow all the rules
ill talk, you read
you’ll do fine


people try to define it
what i have to say about karma is that it is simply a fact of life..but hear me out, i may not be getting at what you are thinking

i see karma synonymous with CONSEQUENCE

simply put: your actions, decisions, mental thoughts etc infinity- each has a consequence. weather you’d like to call this karma or just “life” its still essentially the same thing

as a side in this topic, id like to note the way ive seen some people try to define karma and the ways they deal with this thing they call karma…an example

-i have an annoyance with those who may think they are in control over someones “karma”.  those who make it their job to assure someone gets hit back by their actions….[]good Or bad[]… wont life alone do this? i mean, [abstract example] someone who is miserable their whole life
lives the consequence in being miserable… that alone describes living in bad “karma”
do we need to add to their misery?  its not our job to actively hand out karma-people have it coming as long as they’re alive

A person is the only one who knows themselves whole- You alone are the only one who knows your continuous thoughts, you know your own deceptive actions when no one else does-[ denial doesn’t change a thing]

You choose your own karma, you make your decisions, you live your own life
if you want to blame it on karma-than look at it straight in the mirror

every action has an equal and opposite reaction
Other outlooks??? >>


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