Help :)

so i guess even with extensive computing knowledge, i havent yet cracked this internetting protocols and procedures for blogs

ive only started with this blog recently as i am boycotting facebook notes because id like to reach a random crowd who’d look at my writing more objectively-its more interesting this way so anyway…

i think i should be able to customize the little blurg beneath my blog heading name but as you can see, i dont know extensive tips and tricks of this kinda stuff (anyone whos reading could send me a shout and give me some little hints if you’d like- it would be much appreciated… than you wont have to look at a blog that looks so noob hahaha

ill keep this little post open for a while so i can add some more of my noob questions
…yes i know theres probably some kind of help option or w/e but my pure lack of desire to read through pages of words i do not understand  has halted this lil idea- i know i need some practice but some lil helpful hints and tricks would be my most favorable option…

ps. how do i insert pics within these posts…??

…  now i seek the help of fellow wordpress bloggers etc! so peeps, help me out some and ill add some spark to this lil blog of mine


Sincerely: Blogger Noob<  haha apparently noob isnt a word…why isnt this website edited by urban dictionary? lol


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