Painting Abstracts

i did a painting last night
abstract of course-well it began that way
i continued to add colour and than an image of a woman started to appear- a woman sitting comfortably…sitting in tall grass….not under a tree-although one could incorporate that with their imagination…cuz the potential of that imagery is possible
~aside -i feel that i always see women in my art…and sometimes faces of men as well- in one paiting i created, i see a woman (a face and shoulder line) although when turned upside down, i clearly see a long narrow-nosed man with a jokers hat or else others would say they see the face of a fox, or a fawn/deer’s head…hmm okay back on track here
…so i didnt mean for the theme i created in my painting, but as it progressed it became a woman in the grass holding up a flower in awe, rain pouring, smearing the sky, than brushed in blended yellow for the last touch up on the sky and it became a beautiful rain blasted day…like a beginning to spring- theres an innocence in the painting depicted with the smooth textures on the woman but the thicker painted sky depicts more depth and again a smooth fierceness that darkens the painting’s mood.
it takes me a while to look at the painting and create my opinion on it, that is-as soon as ive decided im finished it-its done now but as it was late when i got finished with it, didnt take too much time to look it over…plus, the room was dark- different lighting can create an alternative perspective on it i have not yet seen :/
im yet to loook at it upside down and see if i discover anything new!

i have not photographed this peice yet -soon to come-ill leave u in suspense


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