old post

today i opened my blog and as many of us do, (or maybe only do the blog virgins-ha) one of the first things i did was check my blog stats to see if i have gained any popularity. (Of course i am only getting excited about stats indicating i have a record of -3- viewers in one day taking a gander at my sense and nonsense…) Woot! thats more than none and im pleased
… i loved seeing that i had various random peeks at my stuff but still, inside i felt a small ping as i realized i have not yet gotten any comments. i have been rated on my work which feels like a gold star on a school assignment yet it still makes me wonder why there are no comments… this is not a complaint, solely my pathetic observation ha-[ so secretly i am tempting you, my reader to make some comments this time! ]

ps. write your name or pseudonym or whatever you may feel like, and make a fake email if you’d like to be anonymous… that is, if you are a member of the site and wish to remain anon to me… this gives you privacy, i think its a good idea- i respect privacy and this is the only way i can think of instilling privacy for commentattors
~sorry people…i dont know how to say this more concisely-bear with me if your sitting there yelling at me telling me to just get on with it…i sometimes tend to overexplain-i think its the teacher in me that makes me overwrite things…

anyhoo… back to my splurge…
its nice to see that people have read your work and are giving you some encouragement and support by making some sort of comment about it.. it makes me wonder why people would refrain from giving you their tidbits of thought on what they read… somehow i have intrigued you to read this and i’d like to know why… i dont think this is asking for too much now is it?

as for that, im not sure what else i feel i should write … i thank you curious readers and those who at least made some ratings and just want to remind people not to be shy…i hardly believe that anyone on WordPress would have objections to receiving comments no matter what they were… me-i like to see when readers are passionate enough to refute something i have said or question me on my opinions etc but more especially important is when they share a laugh (well cuz i love a good laugh) or share additional knowledge with me…im here, open to listen to all arguments, open to see what other people are thinking, open to being taught something new, open to have my thoughts and opinions challenged, open to all insight 😉 Bring it on

i love how communication works…i love what people do and say. i love to observe and think and explore new dimensions of thought
i love to laugh at people …in the end, things can be really nothing but comical-not overstated either

why should i be angered with something when instead i can look around the spectrum and see where it can make me laugh..doing this brings my sweet reactions

Thanks for the read! cheers mateys!


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